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Childbirth Preparation Classes for the Twin Cities ... and beyond

Appleseeds Childbirth Education stresses the importance of respecting the family's lifestyle, as well as the mother's instincts and choices about how to give birth. A variety of practices are examined based upon scentific research, and include positions for labor and birth, use of pain relief, comfort measures, and choice of caregivers and support. Appleseeds classes will respect the partner's role in pregnancy and birth, and acknowledge that the partner's or father's experience of pregnancy and birth is important and life-changing in its own right, as a new family is born.

"Family-centered maternity care is ICEA's primary goal and the basis of ICEA philosophy. Family-centered care consists of an attitude rather than a protocol. It recognizes a vital life event rather than a medical procedure. It appreciates the importance of that event to the woman and to the persons who are important to her. It respects the woman's individuality and her sense of autonomy. It realizes that the decisions she may make are based on many influences of which the expertise of the professional is only one. It requires that all relevant information be made available to the woman to help her achieve her own goals, and that she be guided but not directed by professionals she has chosen to share the responsibility for her care." --from the ICEA website

Your instructor is Diana McCleery, an ALACE-trained, ICEA-certified Childbirth Educator. Classes are held separately from hospitals, in order to focus solely on the needs of the expectant family. We'll discuss a wide range of topics together.

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  • I'd like to test the feasibility of doing my series over the internet for out-of-town folks. Right now the plan is to have videoconference class times for personal face-to-face time, both with me and between students, with handouts and videos available here at students' convenience. So tell you what; if you live outside the Twin Cities, and would like to take this beta version of childbirth classes at a reduced fee, please get in touch with me.
          This could be a fruitful way of sharing information with people who want to take my classes but are at a distance, or who just don't have classes local to them. I've seen internet and DVD instruction, but all the ones I've seen so far are self-study. That is totally fine. What I am envisoning would offer you a group of fellow students and teacher with whom you actually interact with as people. If you agree, and want to be part of this new idea, let's chat!
  • I am beginning a series with Saint Paul Public Schools Community Education at Ramsey Jr. High, starting June 23rd. It wil be offered again in the Fall. To support community education, it's offered at a discount, and contains much the same content I offer privately. Hope to see you there!
  • The next private class series starts soon, at my home in Minneapolis's Longfellow neighborhood, or at another site of the students' collective choosing. Contact me or check back here for more details as they arise. I will likely arrange class days and times in consultation with interested students, so drop me a line or e-mail. :)

Appleseeds Childbirth Education

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