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Please note this will change from series to series; time constraints, differing needs of students, and other variables mean that this general plan will be flexible. IBWP-certified CBEs also undergo continuing education so we can keep classes up-to-date and based upon available evidence. This is only included to give you an idea of what I tend to cover, and is no guarantee that I will cover exactly and only this in a given class.

We will have snacks, activities, videos, discussions, and student input. I want these classes to be engaging and interesting; suggestions are always welcome!

Class 1:
Birth Today
  • Welcome and intros
  • Themes
  • Birth in today's world
  • Technocratic vs. holistic (dominator vs. integrator)
  • Is birth inherently unsafe, needing rescue?
  • Consumerism: informed consumers make best choices
  • Current state of birth in North America
  • Cesarean prevention. [Sad this has gotta be a topic!]
  • Birth visualization
Class 2:
Pregnancy--Growth and Decision Making
  • Getting started
  • Parent responsibility/ consumerism
  • Birth options/ decision making
  • Nurturing yourself and the baby
  • Emotional/ psychological
  • Touch relaxation and/or visualization
Class 3:
The Process of Birth
  • Understanding the process of birth
  • Tools for labor and birth: Relaxation, breatthing, positions, visualizations, etc.Integration of tools with first stage labor
  • Second stage
  • Special Delivery video
Class 4:
Creating Your Birth
  • Routine practices in hospitals, homes, birth centers
  • Domino theory of interventions
  • Medications
  • Psychological and phyical barriers to birth
  • Hurdling the barriers
  • Labor and birth practice
Class 5:
Unexpected Outcomes
  • The shadow side of birth:Why we discuss this (Or...what you resist, persists)
  • Fear
  • Complications
  • Cesarean procedure/ VBAC
  • Tools for handling the unexpected
  • Grief
  • Back from the shadows: Positive images
Class 6: Newborn and Postpartum
  • The Newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Circumcision
  • Other newborn concerns
  • Parents' postpartum experiences
  • Postpartum depression
  • Parenting in brief
Class 7: Building Community
  • This class is a potluck. Students from the last class series are invited too, to share their exeriences and support. We'll probably do some fun and educational games.
Class 8: Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • This class is a free bonus for those who attended the entire series without missing a class. The topic will be decided with all students who can attend.

Appleseeds Childbirth Education

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