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The series of classes runs once a week for seven weeks. Each class is three hours long, and will include a break and snacks. If you attend all classes, you may come to an additional eighth class with no additional fee. The topic(s) for that class will be decided by the students attending it.

You are expected to bring a partner with you to class, though it is not absolutely required. Typically it is the baby's father and/or mother's romantic partner but it can be anyone, so long as s/he intends to support you at the birth itself and will attend all classes with you. Because bringing one is so strongly recommended, the partner is included in the registration fee.

The series costs $225, and includes a text book, handouts, and a notebook in which to keep them.

Class size is limited to seven pairs/couples. A deposit of at least $25 with a completed registration form will hold your space, with the remainder of the fee due at the first class. If you need to pay a smaller deposit, or have extra time to pay the balance, talk to me. Depending on my own expenses, accomodations could well be possible if brought up in advance. Be aware too that your insurance company might reimburse you for childbirth classes.

You can register using the interactive online form, or print the Word version and mail it in. You can pay any part of your fee with Pay Pal or mail a check, regardless of how you register, but keep in mind that your space is saved when I get your deposit, not when you mail it. ;) Checks can be sent to the address on the registration forms.

Cancellation policies will depend on the policies of the meeting place. Feel free to call me before you register, if you need to know the policy for the series in which you are interested.

Appleseeds Childbirth Education

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